NLUI Server

LinguaSys supplies natural language user interface (NLUI) solutions for applications like customer self-service or device control by the means of natural language. Let your customer open an account, book a hotel room, order fast food, inquire about timetables, and more – all in their words, not restricted to a rigid syntax. More than just "Siri for the enterprise", NLUI Server takes building NLUI applications to the new level. 

NLUI Server is built on top of the powerful Windows Communication Foundation, supporting pretty much every major communication protocol and standard in existence. 

  • Channel agnostic integration across voice channels (IVR or speech-enabled mobile app) with your choice of speech recognition engine as well as non-voice digital channels (such as IM, chat, Twitter, SMS text, etc.)
  • Easy to learn and quick implementation of complex tasks with multiple domains (built in hours or days vs. weeks or months)
  • Support of mixed initiative dialogue
  • Deployment on premises or SaaS
  • Capability to be fully embedded in a portable device like a Windows 8 tablet or special editions of Windows, like Windows Embedded Automotive
  • Support for virtually every standard communication interface (SOAP, RESTful, bare TCP/IP), communication and security standard (HTTPS, enterprise service bus)
  • Reusing one script for all languages supported by LinguaSys, not only for English or the major Western European ones
System Requirements
  • Microsoft .NET 4
  • Windows Server 2008
  • 4 Gb RAM